I am a Born Again Believer in Jesus Christ, called of God to preach the Cross of Christ.  I am the least of ALL saints. Christ is my King, Preaching Jesus is my passion, and this church family is my heart.study to show thyself approved edited cropped_orant_ish

   I’m only another guilty man God saved by His amazing grace. God has blessed me with a great family here at Leary Baptist Church. I would never have imagined  that God would ever call me to pastor any of His people; but, nearly seven years ago this precious church family believed in me. I didn’t know then just how much they could mean to me. We’ve seen God do some wonderful things together over the years.

In our home, my wife Kimberly is “my walking stick“. I am so blessed to have her. And then there is Landon, my grandson. He’s five and he is awesome. God has shown me great favor by blessing me with a home where peace and joy abide.

   I praise God daily for His calling to preach and teach HIS WORD and share the GOOD NEWS wherever HE leads.  I am so thankful for this unspeakable gift.

Local Church Pastor

Revivalist with the Heart of an Old Testament Prophet


Confrence Speaker

Gifted Bible Teacher


  • Craig graduated, with honors, from Liberty University with a BS in Religion: Biblical and Theological Studies in 2016.
  • He has preached and trained Christian leaders here in America and in Africa.
    • He sits on the Board of Directors of Hope Ministries Zimbabwe and is dedicated to equipping the rural African “bush churches” with sound biblical truth.
  • He is also, President of the Board of Directors of Rehoboth Ranch Ministries– a Residential Men’s Ministry where men’s lives are being changed by the powerful ministry of the gospel.

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“There ain’t nothing better
than being with a bunch of folks who are living for Jesus”