Fall Revival Meetings

I’ve been given the distinct privilege of preaching God’s word for over 15 years. The term “old paths preacher” just kind of stuck, as I preach in a manner that urges fellow Christians to look back to the biblical template for authentic Christian service. My heart yearns for genuine Heaven sent, Holy Spirit wrought Church changing revival; because, I know that the Bride of Christ will then, and only then, be properly suited to evangelize the lost and disciple the saved. My calling and duty to my Master is to preach this path towards authentic Christianity.

This Fall, the door of opportunity has been opened for me to conduct planned revival meetings. The dates on my calendar are filling quicker that I ever imagined; yet, I want to extend the invitation to you and your church family. If upon prayerful consideration, you would have me come share in the life of your community of faith: I’d be honored to begin praying for you all now and mark the dates. I trust that He who has started this great work will perform it with sovereign perfection. Contact me here in Facebook or in Messenger. I’ll give you the rest of my contact information, and we can begin to seek the Lord for authentic revival.

In Christ alone,

Craig Layton

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