What Leaders are Saying

 R E C O M M E N D A T I O N S from some of America’s esteemed Men of God

Dr. Jeff LaBorg
Senior Pastor Fairview Baptist Church of Corryton, TN

Craig is uniquely gifted as an Evangelist and his fearless approach to sharing the Gospel allows him to operate in any setting whether that setting is a truck stop, road side, sidewalk or the pulpit in a church auditorium. There is no question; Bro. Craig is a blessed addition and asset to any evangelistic association or convention. It is with the greatest confidence that I commend to you my brother Craig Layton.


Dr. Wayne Dorsett
Wayne Dorsett Ministries, Valdasta, GA
President of Pastors for Life (Alabama)

Craig is a man of deep spirituality, great compassion; he has a commitment to the gospel in his life and a definitive calling into the evangelistic ministry. He has proven himself to be a “local church” man whose desire is to build up the body of Christ in whatever he does. I strongly urge you to receive Craig. Thank you for the opportunity to recommend him.


Dr. Emir Caner
President of Truett-McConnell College, Cleveland, GA

I have known Craig for quite a few years and even traveled with him throughout Europe on an Anabaptist Tour. Like our Anabaptist forefathers before us, Craig Layton’s greatest desire is to see revival come to each church and salvation come to each lost person. Today, he is investing his life into such a hope, a hope based in the heart of God and carried out through faithful men such as Pastor Craig. If your church is seeking a renewal in evangelistic zeal and a return to New Testament principles, I would highly recommend having Craig come for revival. Your church will be blessed and changed through the power of God’s Word.  Truth is Immortal.


 Rev.Tim Millwood
Director of Missions Rehoboth Baptist Association, Warner Robins, GA

Craig has a passion for proclaiming God’s Word. He is a serious student of the Bible and possesses an ability to communicate and apply the Scriptures to people’s lives and circumstances. When I am around Craig, I often think of the apostle Paul in that God took a man who had been far from Him and changed that man in order to use him for His glory and kingdom. Craig Layton is up front about his past mistakes, and it is that transparency and testimony that God uses to reach people that are often perceived as “unreachable.” This young man is a living example of a transformed life. 

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