“Are You Truly Mine?”

 iTunes logoI had a dream, not very long ago which has continued to pervade the thoughts of my mind. As I look upon the landscape of our churches and our great nation, I often recall this dream and become burdened for our future as American Christians. In this dream, money was very scarce, gasoline was nowhere to be found, and food was in short supply. Above all of this there was the understanding that electricity was no more and media communication as we know it was left to mere crystal radio. Although, the sun still put off her light there was a gross darkness that had come over the land, it was as if chaos had abounded and men and women were going to and fro doing whatever seemed right in their own mind. Looting, theft, and deception were the dominating means for people to acquire the things that were in desperate need for family survival. The “prince of the power of the air” was definitely prevailing in the lives and in the hearts of the masses. It was also made clear in this dream that I was looked to as the Man of GOD in this hour. I was called from house to house to council men who were desperately looking for answers from GOD concerning the present perilous day.

Upon leaving the house of one particular family, I prayed for GOD’s strength and wisdom to guide their decisions, then I shut the front door and left. As I was leaving I noticed a balled up wad of money behind a rocking chair on the porch. Without thinking I picked it up and started to put it in my pocket. Then the HOLY SPIRIT spoke to me and immediately I went back into the house and gave the few dollars to the man of the house. I then bolted strait up out of my sleep under a heavy abiding burden. I realized that I was going to take that money that didn’t belong to me. Sure I was as needy as anyone else in that dream.

It was at this waking hour that GOD spoke to me. “Are you truly Mine?” that was the question that He spoke to me. The answer was immediate, “Yes Lord, You Know that I am yours!” Then He spoke to me again and said something like this, “The time is come that I will test the metal of men to see of what stock they belong.” I knew instinctively that GOD needed no test to find out about any of us. He is the one who tries and knows the thoughts and intents of the heart. What God was saying is that He is going to reveal the true nature of men to us. It is drawing of the line in the sand (if you will).

I realized from this encounter that if a man is not rehearsed and prepared to depend on GOD for all things that pertain to this life, in a time such as the one I dreamt of, he will surely default back to the ways of darkness. Even professing Christians will be put to the obvious test.  “Do I trust in GOD alone or do I do what seems right in my own mind?”

This may have only been my dream, but the reality of it is all too clear to me. I believe that the day has come for the “Great falling away” that the apostle spoke of in 2 Thessalonians 2:3. Men are no longer lovers of GOD. More and more we are seeing and hearing that GOD is not relevant to this Postmodern Culture. Further we are seeing a blending of religions. Particularly this apostasy called “Chrislom”. In which, evangelical churches across this land are called upon to read from the Islamic Quran in their Sunday morning services. This is being done in an effort to convince the Islamic nations that we are tolerant of their religion. The underlying fact is that if we read from the Holy Bible and embrace it as the infallible, inspired word of GOD then we turn around and give the same status to the Islamic book. This is Heresy! Yet major evangelical churches across this nation have agreed to do this very thing. Is not the judgment of GOD enough to frighten us from such apostasy?

I have found in my study of the Word of GOD that this Apostasy always comes on the heels of apathy and complacency on the part of the people of GOD. There is always a subtle erosion of the reverence and obeying of the Word of GOD. This leads a culture to complacency and apathy. We have pastors across the breast of this nation who, week after week, bring to the helm some secular psychology or cloaked New Age philosophy.  Some feel good message on how we are supposed to live our best life now. They are tickling the people’s ears and greasing the slides that are going to slide them off into Hell.

Where is the preaching of an old rugged cross that we as disciples are to bare?  Where is the preacher that will remind us that the best day is yet before us as believers? For, we are looking for a City. A City that is not made with Human hands, but whose builder and maker is GOD! This great expectation of a soon coming King that is going to take us up to ever be with Him is becoming lost in today’s pulpits. And when you lose sight of that, you lose some of the fire and zeal for GOD.  We are letting these words of GOD erode from the ears of our churches today.  The Scripture expressly says that in the last days, “the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; and they shall turn away from the truth, and shall be turned to fables. 2 Timothy 4:4

Why am I saying all of this? Because the Word of GOD is what man is to live by! “It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of GOD.” When a people lose sight of what GOD has said to them, they lose sight of GOD. GOD becomes a made up fictional character that is easily dismissed by this “Me” centered generation.  If we lose the word of GOD and the true nature of GOD, we will by default, do whatever we want too.

“There is a way which seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death.” Proverbs14:12

Without the certainty of GOD’s Word there is no sure foundation for man to stand on when making decisions. In the days described in this dream, there is no way to strattle the fence. Either one lives by every Word of GOD or he does things his own way (the way of the World). We must know GOD in order to depend on HIM.

Finally I have observed that Apostasy leads to Oppression. Look at the history of Israel throughout the Old Testament and you will see these processes again and again. Is this country that has prided itself “One Nation under GOD”, going to sleep its way into the judgment of oppression? Are we already poised for this great oppression? I pray that GOD would grant us a space to repent from our disregard for Him in our streets and in the mainstream churches.  My Prayer is that men and women will rise up and proclaim this message that is sure to confront the sleeping and anger the atheist.

I will leave you with the Question that the LORD of LORDS left for me“Are you truly Mine?” The answer can only be found in your heart!

“The time is come that I will test the metal of men to see of what stock they belong.”

Saints encourage each other in the WORDs of GOD.


Bro Craig


Craig Layton is pursuing a BA in Christian Studies with a Great Commission Minor.  He is a conference speaker and Revivalist who speaks to issues from Christian Worldview issues to how to prepare for genuine revival within a body of believers.  He is senior pastor of Leary Baptist Church in Leary Georgia; which is presently experiencing a protracted season of true God sent revival..  Married for 6 years to his wife Kimberly, they have two children and two grandchildren.  You can follow Craig on Twitter at twitter.com/Pastor_COLayton. And on Facebook  at facebook.com/craig.layton72

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