A Cry For Revival    The heart of God is continually upon the renewal of His purchased children. He purchased them not to be servants only; but to grant them the privilege to be adopted into His Holy-Royal family. If we are taking the name of our dearly beloved then He truly wants us to bear the image of His SON. 

This is the cry for revival that is being heard by the One who sends the former and latter rain. Yet, blessed ones, we must understand that judgement must first begin in the house of God. If you will look around you at your Church family, you will see a mass of broken people who are hurting in a multitude of ways. They are pressed hard to come to the conflict of: true faith in Him or rejection of our Father as sole provider of every need. Whether it be sins or want of something, people are facing one crisis after another. All of this is God responding to our Cry for Revival. True broken hearted prayer and repentance always precedes Genuine Revival. These seeming impossible circumstances you find yourself facing are nothing more than God’s invitation for you to return to a genuine faith in His Sufficiency and to the Authority of His Word. When this is a reality in the Church, we will see what we expect revival to be. It starts in the individual believer; moves into the corporate body; then, it is carried into the communities as a great refreshing rain to all who are weary and with out Christ. People you never would have imagined will get saved & the UNTARNISHED Glory of Christ will truly shine forth from a “people called by His Name”. 

Lift up your weary heads Children of GOD. The winds of Revival are blowing through the hearts of a great multitude.
Bro Craig
Craig Layton is pursuing a BA in Christian Studies with a Great Commission Minor.  He is a conference speaker and Revivalist who speaks on issues of Christian Worldview  to how to prepare for genuine revival within a body of believers.  He is senior pastor of Leary Baptist Church in Leary Georgia; which is presently experiencing a protracted season of true God sent revival.  Married for 6 years to his wife Kimberly, they have two children and two grandchildren.  You can follow Craig on Twitter at And on Facebook  at
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