O America, America

Yes, You who cast stumbling blocks in the path of My Elect, to make way for thine abominations. You strive with great force to enlarge the path of the workers of evil, all the while pushing to silence the Voice of MY Righteousness. Open your eyes to see your sin and repent, for My vengeance will not be spared on evil. MY Judgments alone, are pure, and my WORD is forever established. Repent and return unto ME,
For Thine Iniquity Is Near Full.

I AM thy GOD


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On Revival

     It is my deepest desire to see the church of the Living GOD operating in its fullness, here in this world. I humbly believe that the blood of Jesus, which was shed on Calvary, is far too precious than to be trampled underfoot. Further, I believe Christ is coming soon to receive His Bride unto Himself; a Bride without spot or wrinkle. It is my heart’s prayer that the Precious Lamb of God, our Glorious Redeemer gets “all” that He paid for with His own blood.

On Revival

     Revival is much more than a meeting. It is a WORK that can only be performed by God in a prepared people.

     Revival is a Dirty Work, because it reveals the sin and wickedness of the backslider, the complacent and the apathetic.

     Revival is a Work of Revelation, because the Holy Spirit challenges us to recognize how we have strayed from the Old Path in contemporary Christianity.

    Revival is a Painful Work, because the Holy Spirit causes us to deal with our sin and iniquity by confession and repentance.

    Finally, Revival is a Refreshing Work that invigorates and inspires the members of the body of Christ to live with Holy Ghost purpose and power.

    Ultimately, Revival begins with prayer; a collective prayer of brokenness and longing for the saints of the New Testament Church, who mourn over the absence of the presence and power of God in their fellowship; and a prayer that God would grant a reviving work in the Local New Testament Church.

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Meet Craig


DSCF1793I am a Born Again Believer in Jesus Christ, called of God to preach the Cross of Christ.  I am the least of ALL saints. Christ is my King, Preaching Jesus is my passion, and the family of God is my heart.

I am blessed with a wonderful family that supports the ministry, encouraging me in the service to further the Kingdom of God. My greatest passion is to see the bride of Christ apprehending that for which she has been purchased by the blood of Jesus. I believe that the Church has inestimable power to overcome the course of this world and to demonstrate the awesome and alluring glory of Jesus Christ in and among the lost and perishing world around us.

I praise God daily for his calling to preach and teach HIS WORD and share the GOOD NEWS wherever HE leads.  I am so thankful for this unspeakable gift.

  • Craig is the Pastor of Leary Baptist Church, Leary Georgia
  • Evangelism Team Leader for the Bethel Baptist Association
  • Founder, Director and Trustee of Pardoned Ministries Inc.
  • Holds a position on the Board of Directors of Hope Ministries Zimbabwe
  • Tau Sigma Honors Society Student at Liberty University earning a BA in Christian Studies.
  • Chaplain for all of Calhoun County, GA’s Emergency Responders
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